About SelCont

SeLCont (Synchronized e-Learning Content) is a toolkit providing synchronized e-learning content (video and slides) from lectures, with minimal post processing effort and no special installation requirements. The final output is dynamically adjusted to any user browser (Laptop, Desktop, Tablet, Smartphone) running Windows, Android and iOS.  Online lectures include:

  • Video
  • Slides (PowerPoint/PDF)
  • Internet screenshots (Browsing)
  • Annotations on slides

SeLCont was developed by NETMODE Lab (Network Management & Optimal Design Laboratory) – www.netmode.ntua.gr

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About Up2U

The key objective of the project is to bridge the gap between secondary schools and higher education & research by better integrating formal and informal learning scenarios and adapting both the technology and the methodology that students will most likely be facing in universities.

We are focusing on the context of secondary schools, often referred to as high schools, which provide secondary education between the ages of 11 and 19 depending on the country, after primary school and before higher education.

This initiative aims to respond to the requirements of a clear mandate from the European Commission allied with the provision of new cloud-based tools and services to enhance primary and secondary education in Europe.

Up2U is a 36 month collaborative project with 5M Euro funding that kicked off in January this year. This project is coordinated by GÉANT and gathers 18 partners from 12 countries across Europe including NRENs, traditional and open universities, infrastructure providers and two commercial partners.